Re: Rescue Horse with Severe Laminitis

Nancy C

Hi Paola

You are going to get a full welcome with a lot of information shortly but I wanted to offer some observations and links to more info in the meanwhile.

80-90 percent of all laminitis is caused by high insulin from metabolic conditions like PPID and IR/EMS. The exception to this rule would be black walnut, feed room break-in, severe infection, and pregnancy.

I would absolutely get the metabolic tests run so you know where you are.  If he is PPID, the insulin will not be controlled on diet alone.  You will need to treat him to lower his ACTH, most often with pergolide.

That said, diet is critical to controlling high insulin regardless of the cause. Soaked or known low ESC and Starch hay are very good. You are basically doing the emergency diet and ECIR generally adds magnesium and vitamin E.  You will hear more about this lataer, but in the meanwhile, try this link.

It is very good your vet is willing to think of new measures. There are many here who can attest to improvement and quality of life for horses like this, including my own.

Look for a full welcome message that you should keep at hand to refer back to in the days ahead.

Thank you for rescuing this boy.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
ECIR Group Inc. President/Treasurer  2020-2021

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