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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Karen - and welcome.

First, you don't want to add WSC + starch.  WSC includes fructans which do not influence insulin. Add ESC + starch. That number should be under 10.

Can't say what set off his recent laminitis but at her age uncontrolled PPID during the seasonal rise has to be on the list.

If your hay is safe, stop the Safe Starch and go back to hay.  Another option is Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes.

If the amount of beet pulp is small, you don't have to add it to dietary calculations. Otherwise, use dry weight.

Beet pulp pellets are likely OK dry as well but loose beet pulp can be very dusty and cause coughing or choke. We rinse then soak it to remove surface iron and residual sugar.
Eleanor in PA 
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