Re: Contracted heels? New hoof pictures for Bugsy. Can Lavinia do mark-ups please?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Judy,

I've added the latest mark-ups to Bugsy's album:

He's looking good overall - his weight looks correct, feet have come so far and are looking like feet now. Plus, he's being ridden comfortably - yay! Keep an eye on the "butt cracks" in the heel bulbs as a couple of them look like they might be deep enough into the heel bulbs that they could be painful. If so, do the ACV/water soaks and inject the "Pete's Goo" into them until they heal over.
Bony column alignment also looks good and his sole depth is adequate but nothing to spare. Whenever he's trimmed, measure both collateral grooves in each foot before starting at their deepest points and also at the apex of the frog. Maintain the relationship of 1" back half - 3/4" apex at all times. His soles likely will never need to be touched as you want to always leave a light layer of exfoliating sole to protect the new sole growing in.
As with Mara, it doesn't look like the 6-week schedule is working in his favor, so will either need shorten it or do some more extensive work yourself mid-way thru the cycle. Continue to keep his wall beveled out of weight bearing until they stop wanting to flare. This includes the walls in the heels until his heels are back under him fully. Also, keep the rockers/bevels on the backs of the heels as well.
LF lateral composite: Pink line follows the bony column alignment and ends at ground level where the breakover needs to be. It's just a smidge behind the current breakover point, right at the back of that slight ridge of sole toward the front of the toe. Green line shows where the dorsal wall will eventually be - really close to being there. Blue line is where to back the toe to, with the blue X being the excess length. Orange line is where the heels need to eventually get to - lots better than where he started. Red line along the bottom means nothing off the bottom as the sole depth is borderline adequate. Yellow line #1 runs thru the coronary band, #2 points to the extensor process. The distance between them denotes the amount of sinking. It could be a lot worse.
On the photos side, the blue area corresponds to the blue X on the rad. The other lines are the same as on the rad.
LF lateral sole plane: Green line follows the angle of the new growth to the ground. Solid blue at the toe is where it can be backed up. Blue line is just behind the sole ridge and is where to set the breakover. Don't flatten the ridge, just bevel forward of it. Solid blue in the heels means to just take away the walls here, while leaving the bars and bar-wall junction as the weight bearing areas. This means the bar here will be taller than the wall/sole. Orange lines are where to add the rockers to the backs of the buttresses, without lowering the rest of the buttress.
LF sole: Solid blue line is what should be at ground level, hashed areas gone. Red areas are where the bars need to be left alone and allowed to be weight bearing. Yellow chevron is about where the actual tip of the frog actually is - the rest is stretched forward and will eventually shrivel up and detach, at which point it can be snipped off.  Lime lines at the back of the foot are ragged pieces of frog/periople that can be removed. Nothing else off the sole or frog.
RF lateral composite: Generally, same scenario as the LF. On the rad, the purple line follows the bony column alignment while the pink line shows where it should be - they overlap, so alignment is good.
On the photo, the added blue at the bottom of the heel refers to taking the wall out of weight bearing but leaving the bar height alone.
RF lateral sole plane: Same discussion as the LF. Tweak the breakover to just behind the sole ridge, lower only the walls in the heels and add the rockers to the backs of the buttresses.
RF sole: Same idea as the LF.
LH lateral: Green line follows the angle of the new, tighter growth. Blue is again where to back the toe some more and take the wall in the heel out of ground contact. Orange line is where the heels will eventually be when they move back under him.
LH lateral sole plane: You can really see the angle change in the upper wall on this one. Note how the green line ends right where the bevel on the sole currently starts. Blue lie is set the new breakover. Blue in the heel is the wall-only - leave the bar at its current height. At the orange lines, rocker the backs of the heel buttresses.
RH lateral: This is his worst foot - toe is the furthest forward. Same remedy as the other three, just need to back the toe more.
RH sole: Same idea as the LH, just need to back this toe more.

Continue booting/padding as needed.

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