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Karen Turner

Hi Martha,

The Safe Starch is a complete forage feed.  It has little pellets mixed into it that I'm guessing are the carriers of the minerals, etc, to balance it.  The back of the bag says to feed 10-12 lbs/day if using it as a complete diet, or something to that effect.  I could not find any instructions anywhere that said 1% of body weight as a minimum nor anywhere 2% was needed.  I checked the website and the bag for feeding instructions.  I had my vet look at the bag and agree that was enough.  I can post a pic to my album if ya'll want or send it to someone for posting somewhere else.

Anyway, she is currently getting 5# TC Timothy Balance Cubes and 2.5# of the Safe Starch Forage twice a day.  The watery manure she has had for weeks is already better overnight.  She will also eat her flax, salt and Vita E in the soaked cubes so I don't have to do the RSR beet pulp anymore which was a pain and she wouldn't always eat it anyway.
Karen M and Montana Rose in TX 2021

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