Updated photos - Lavinia can you comments on today’s trim?

Rita Chavez

Hello everyone, 
Today marks 90-days since Stetson’s founder and IR diagnosis. He continues to improve on the diet and seems stabilized as far as weight loss, right at 1005 lbs today. His crest refuses to slim down, though. I doubt I’ll be able to get more off him until he’s cleared for riding again (Feb/Mar 2022). Has anyone had a stubborn crest and did more exercise help? He’s moving freely at all gaits at liberty, no problem making tight turns, and not showing any signs of ouchy feet. Since starting him on Jiaogulan I have noticed a lot of hoof growth. Boy, that stuff works! I’m rasping his feet every week now. But I’m concerned about the bulge on both front soles, the bruised area directly under P3. Oh God help me, but it looks like it wants to break through!

Lavinia, if you have a moment could you please take a look and comment? I’m focused on getting those toes tightened up, but getting closer to that scary bruised bulge.

Thank you! 
Rita C. and Stetson (2001 Tennessee Walking Horse/Gelding, diagnosed IR)
Aiken, South Carolina USA
June 2021



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