Re: Strawberry new rads :( (Currently in extreme discomfort)


She is pretty sore yet, she hasn't moved much. I wonder if I should try putting the thick black pads back in again instead of the wool felt that is in there... but I think she is done with us messing with her sore feet for a bit. We adjusted the breakover on her boots back further than I had it too. 

I need to get a new pair of boots for her and was wondering what kind/Brand might be best? I bought a pair of Easyboot Sneakers, but they seemed really tight on her heel bulbs. What about getting her in Easyboot Gloves? Soft rides? Farrier mentioned putting her in a wooden clog that he would build, or a natural balance shoe?? 

Ps. I added a couple hind pics from today as well. 
Nicole P
2021, Minnesota 

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