Re: Checking in and with some interesting info to share

Rita Chavez

Hi Martha and thank you for the comments and questions. Yes, his attitude is greatly improved! I can tell that his low energy and almost depressed attitude from last year to June this year wasn’t due to aging or normal “only horse” syndrome  but was in direct response to his reaction to being fed too much alfalfa. He gained so much weight and I was blind to it. I just knew he really loved the alfalfa and I was happy it made him happy. WRONG on so many levels. As for his huge drop in insulin in the first 30-days I can only guess it’s because I dropped his feeding plan and switched immediately. I started soaking Timothy hay AND put him in a muzzle for turn out. Other than him showing signs of ouchy feet there was nothing unusual that would spike his insulin to <200. My vet said he was not a candidate for pergolide as his bloodwork didn’t indicate high ACTH. He’s not showing any signs of responding negatively to the Fall rise. Last year I noticed “weird” things going on with him. And he’s sweating normally this year unlike last year when he suddenly developed anhydrosis. I strongly suspect Jiaogulan in his diet helps with that, too. He’s due for a dental workup in December and I plan to get a 6-months xray checkup on his front feet at that time. Should I also do bloodwork for insulin and ACTH then? 
Rita C. and Stetson (2001 Tennessee Walking Horse/Gelding, diagnosed IR)
Aiken, South Carolina USA
June 2021

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