Re: Updated photos - Lavinia can you comments on today’s trim?

Rita Chavez

Many thanks, Lavinia! No ma’am, not touching any sole. I’ll take more toe off each week for sure and post more progress pics next month. I see that high wall on RF now and will address it tonight. So, I don’t need to worry about that blood-stained bulge under P3? It’s very hard to the touch, not spongy or loose at all. 

My sincerest gratitude to this entire group!!! I don’t know where we’d be now if I hadn’t found ya’ll. I’m learning so much here every day. You saved my horse with REAL helpful information. Thank you, thank you. 

Rita C. and Stetson (2001 Tennessee Walking Horse/Gelding, diagnosed IR)
Aiken, South Carolina USA
June 2021

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