"Inadequate pain management" and a horrible vet call later... feeling lost and heartbroken.

Krista Chandler

Hi all, 

I wanted to make a new separate post after my experience with a vet today. I've been in super distressed over it and have finally been able to come to terms and rationalize what can be taken from the traumatizing interaction. 

As my case history reads, Holly has been most recently fighting off abscesses following 2 laminitic episodes, one on 6/6/21 from (my opinion) a vaccine and a flare up on 8/18/22 from unknown. She has also had chronic thin soles for quite some time with minimal opportunity to build healthy growth because of other ongoing health troubles, ie IMM episodes (not diagnosed until after they occurred) and PSSM2 symptoms that include muscle cramping, rigidity, etc when stressed, and PPID finally diagnosed in May 2021 via STIM at 311.

I have my normal vet that has been helping me monitor her. Her protocol has been the standard BID Banamine as needed, boots & pads, and soak/pack for the abscesses. After 3.5 months of on/off banamine/Bute, I felt it was no longer doing her any benefit (as even on the heaviest dosing, it wasn't touching most of her discomforts).

She was manageable for most of July-Aug and she had been mostly weaned from banamine and switched to jherb until the flair up on 8/18/21 that was speculated to be from a)new pony neighbors and mare hormone stress, b) seasonal rise, c) transition to new 2021 2nd cutting hay. BID banamine was used again then weaned following the 10-day protocol and started on j-herb, which then blew a solar abscess on her LF. She has been in "acute" abscess pain on that FL since then, ~12 days now. Vet protocol was BID banamine and stall confinement, which I know from experience doesn't necessarily help with the abscess process itself. I decided to d/c the banamine in replacement of the jherb to help her get any further abscesses (which we expected due to p3 bone loss) to come out.

She has only slightly improved in these last 13 days--her appetite, which waned, has mostly returned. Her movement, though very labored, is at her own will and pace in a dry lot run out, has lengthened to a few hours outside per day either eating hay or wandering about. She still spends 1/3 of her day laying down in her stall.

I had a new vet come out today because my case vet was on vacation and had one of the most traumatizing experiences. Along the lines of demeaning behavior, accusations of abuse, cruelty, and neglect, and statements of overreaching for euthanasia. Her track plan is VERY different from the ECIR/my model -- demanded return to high dose BID Banamine & gabapentin and reverse shoe with wedge pads. Hated just about everything I've been doing to advocate best for my girl--the magic cushion, the Epsom salts, the warm/ice soaks, the boots, the pads, bot quick wraps, and especially the jherb. 

And now I'm feeling lost and heartbroken and idk what more to do. 

New x-rays will be uploaded to my case files when they get sent to me tmrw, and I will also be uploading the 2021 2nd cutting analysis that just got returned.

The hay is (dry matter values) ESC+Starch is 7.8+.9 w/12.6% protein and manageable minerals to balance to. Nothing crazy. 

Out of my PHCP trimmer that I've been apprenticing with that also has a special needs mare, I decided to increase her prascend during seasonal rise (started July and at peak will be at 1.5 g at mid-Sept). 

She has a lot of body compensation right now. Her hind end is taking the brunt of her weight because her fronts are so compromised,  but now she has started to have pulses (no heat or rapidity to the pulses, just strength and avg count) to both hinds. 

I'm worried I haven't figured out what is causing my girl to relapse. The new x-rays taken today 9/10/21 showed no changes from her 8/19/21 x-rays, so I'm thankful there has been no worsening of the situation. But now the hinds? 

Krista Chandler

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