Pet Health Merge- Owner MUST take action for RX

Candice Piraino

Hello everyone!

Please please please learn from my experience and contact Pet Health today and ensure your prescriptions are transferred over, have the correct formula and they have your RX on autoship (if you prefer) and your current payment information. 

I took note that my horse Shark only has 3 days left of pergolide and realized I never received a shipping confirmation for his new monthly RX. I went back to reread the email I was sent from Pet Health, stating no action was required if everything would stay the same. Then further down in the email it said I would be contacted by a technician who would input my payment information since that would not transfer over when companies would merge. Well, I was never contacted. I called today and they have no record of my payment, were not going to ship my RX because somehow my autoships had disappeared as well ( I have had autoship for 2 years now) with the new merge, and my gelding's dosage is going to be a first for them (3mg), so they need extra time on that formula :/ plus shipping USPS across country.

So take my advice and if you have pergolide from Pet Health- CALL THEM TODAY and confirm your RX, so you will not be without, like I will be!

Good luck and I hope this helps someone and their horses.

Besides this huge hiccup, I have been very happy with the company and hope this is the only issue that will occur.

Candice Piraino

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September 2018, Summerfield, FL

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