Re: New member who needs IR or Thyroid advice


Sorry, I guess the pasted version didn't come through.  

Hemo index = normal
Lipemia index = normal
T-4 = <5.2 (13-43 mmol/L)
Gluc = 5.9 (4.2 - 6.4 mmol/L)
Insulin = 34.7 (4.5 - 20 uIU/mL)

Using your calculator it says;
G/I ratio 3.06
RISQI ratio 0.17
MIRG ratio 9.6 (is 5.6 or less ideal?)

Turnout was all day on grass horse pasture, but now only early morning. Stalled dusk until dawn. Then free-choice grass hay.
Morning feed: Brook's Enhancer (RB) 250 g (approx 1.5 cups)
Evening feed: 100 g beet pulp shreds soaked, no molasses, rinsed and drained several times. 2 flakes grass hay.
Madbarn Omneity premix 2 scoops (half daily amount, as another RB at morning feed). 1 tbs plain salt, 1 scoop Equishure (since spring re hind gut), and 150g (approx 1 cup) Masterfeed Light pellet (yes it's 12%, but it's just a bit to top dress beet pulp)

Ontario, Canada

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