Magni - Cloud boots and hoof alignment

K Hanneson

I've been using Easyboot Clouds with Magni for a few weeks now and notice that he is consistently rotating the LF counter-clockwise in the boot.  If I put them on straight, after a short while the centre back is pointed about 1/2" medially.  I've posted a photo in my album:  The yellow sticker is the centre, the blue marking to the left is where the frog ends up.  I tried starting fresh with a new insert but the same thing happened.  This only happens on the left, the RF stays pretty straight.
I'm wondering if there is some way to stabilize the insert inside the boot or if I should just let it go where it wants to go.  I called the company and the person I spoke with suggested putting a sock on his LF to snug it up a bit (didn't work) or to wedge something between the insert and the sides of the boot to keep it in place.  I haven't tried this yet, I thought I'd check here first. Unless I can keep his foot centred in the boot, I'm also wondering if I should adjust the breakover bevel somehow.  

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated!  Thank you!

Kathy H in ON 2021

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