Re: Magni - Cloud boots and hoof alignment


Hi, Kathy.
As you know, the best boot is the one that fits Magni. Definitely try the fixes suggested by Easycare. They know their stuff. I have a gaited horse who twists her Clouds just as soon as she starts moving around with enough comfort to move faster than a slow, careful walk. Nothing helped me keep those boots straight. She didn't like extra padding. I ended up with a pair of Easyboot Trails to get a closer fit. I made sure the trim was as tight as possible before measuring. They are easy on and off, can take a bit of padding, don't twist if well-fitted and work as a nice template after you get a good, compact trim in place. If the toes get too long, you'll have to rasp them back to get the Easyboot Trails on. Like the Clouds, you'll need to rasp the breakover in the sole of the boot.
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