Re: Now: Member Recommended Professionals Lists - 09/13/2021 #cal-notice

Nancy C

The joys of finding dead links.  Thank you Deborah and Sara for your comments.

My recollections is that the vet list was set up by a now-departed volunteer, and it was never sufficiently populated, hence no spread sheet.

Sara, I will have a look at the FB group you mention. While Pete's group is archived, it is still searchable and provides a glimpse into how various trimmers approach things. The list here is to provide hoof professional recommendations that may be able to trim the equine in question. Does the new(er) FB group have a list of members who are open to new and perhaps difficult business?

Deborah, the ECIR group would suggest and prefer that vet recommendations go privately, so if you'd like to post here that it is okay to have members contact you privately with recs, please open a new topic to do so.

You may have seen these lists:

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