Hay Analysis


I just added a hay analysis on the same hay that I had another company analyze....very different results!  I tend to go with the Equi-Analytical report being more correct and since I did sample about 12-14 bales, it is also a more accurate representation of the same hay.  There are two headings with two columns each. One is As Sampled % and g/lb. There is also a Dry Matter column with the same subheadings, the values of those are nearly identical to the As Sampled Column.  There is also Ca, P, Mg, K, Na, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, and Mo values. If I am reading the report correctly, Protein is 11.9%, Starch 1.5%, and ESC 2.0.  So, at 3.5% NSC, it should be suitable for a PPID horse who is also IR, correct?

If so, then how do I feed it with her Timothy Cubes? Half and half by weight?
Karen M and Montana Rose in TX 2021



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