Mixing hay

Lamourah Perron

Hello all
I bought some grass hay that I have not had analyzed yes,  will soon . Last year, this hay came in at 11.3 percent sugar, I did not buy it. 
This year there is a hay shortage  so I have to get hay from a few sources. 
I have a hay that is low sugar (6.7) and protein but high iron (267  ppm). Another one that is more balanced from last year that is low sugar.
I am wondering if I can mix the higher sugar one with a lower sugar one to reduce the sugar amount? Or, is the only way to reduce the sugar is to soak it.
We are heading into winter soon, with freezing temperatures and I cannot soak it then.
I can always save it till spring and soak it, if that is my only option.

Thank you 
Lamourah Perron 
Queens Bay British Columbia 
Hoof pictures Sept 2021

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