Re: Pabatsa's ACTH jumped up to 98.4 -- Dr. Kellon help with CP

Laura and Pabatsa in CA

Hi Candice,

Pabatsa was dx Cushing’s in 2007 so he’s had it for some time. Historically, his ACTH starts to rise around the end of July. And, he’s 24 years old. His G:I are at good levels so it’s not his diet.

He’s in moderate arena work 5x’s/week. He’s fed:
20-24 lbs Timothy hay
4 cups Stabul 1
Horsetech Custom Minerals
Uckele Tendon EQ (per Dr. Kellon)
Uckele liquid Vitamin E
2 tsp/2x’s/day Spirulina
3 tbsp Morton’s Iodized Salt
4.5 mg Precision Pharmacy’s CP
Laura and Pabatsa in California
Feb 2012
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