Re: Hay Analysis

Karen Turner

Thanks Cass for your response.  For Bermuda grass hay, it is very nice hay, leafy, smells great, and is very palatable---our other horses love it and Montana was eating it until about 2 months ago. We stopped feeding it to her when we thought it was so high in starch due to the other analysis I had done.  They had starch at 4.2 and sugars at 9.4.  She had been a little sore footed, especially her LH, but my farrier discovered a white line separation caused by sand packing into it.

I will go read that article.  I had been taught to use the NSC % of feeds per my experience on FB groups, but am quickly realizing that the learning curve with EMS is not really a curve, but a straight line up!!!

I did have the 601 Equi-Tech done, but will use the 603 Trainer in the future.  Thanks for that as well.

I would like to feed Montana some of this hay.  She is on the Timothy Balance Cubes now with salt, flax, and Vita E added to some I have soaked.  If I feed half and half, do I need to add something to balance it?
Karen M and Montana Rose in TX 2021

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