Trouble addling minerals to feed-Dr. Kellon

Tina Bachmann

Received my Ucklele minerals this week  tried feeding them last night and Griffin would not touch it.  He has been eating 1lb of TC Timothy cubes with 1 tsp salt, 3/4 cup of flax and 1/2 cup of Beet pulp RSR and 1 tsp of Uckele vitamin E fine.  Basically he haas been on the Emergency diet.  Last night i added as you recommended, 
1 scoop of Tri Amino
1 lb of ground flax
2 scoops glycocemicEQ 
2 1/4 poly zinc
Poly copper on back order 1 2/3 scoops recommended
I added that to 1lb timothy cubed soaked with the beet pulp ,E and salt
t and he would not touch it
My question is do I introduce it slowly ?  Your recommended amounts were for 2olbs of hay and a 1000 lb horse.  Griffin weighs 720lbs and i feed him 12 lbs of hay.  I do not know how to properly figure out the right amounts. Kirsten suggested12lb divided by 20lbs x100% = 60% so reduce the recommended mineral amounts to 60%of the recommended amount  Can you help me with this please  Thanks so much.  P.s.I am going out of the country for 14 days so I am going to keep him on emergency diet until I return to make sure he is eating well while I am gone.
Tina Bachmann in VA 2021

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