Rose update


My vet came yesterday for fall shots, dental exams, gathered manure for her fecal etc. She thought Rose looked good but to watch her crest, not as smooth as before. I had her fasting so blood could be drawn for an updated metabolic test. I should get the results Friday or Monday. I told her I had stopped feeding Tribute Essential K and Super Sport and that I was looking for another supplement for her vitamin/minerals. She suggested Grow & Win, said you don't have feed a lot. I let it go, I didn't feel comfortable telling her I wasn't going to feed it. Just wasn't the time.

She also took. A blood sample from my gelding for testing. He is probably IR, on Thyro-L due to weight but never tested. His weight looks good now but there are some subtle signs possibly pointing to Cushings. I will start a case history for him when I get those results back. I am feeding him the same diet now as Rose but not same amounts.

I did order California Trace Plus for both horses and their magnesium and picked up the TC flax today.

They will get:
TC Balanced Cubes
California Trace Plus
10% or less grass hay (taking into account how much cubes they get)

The CA Plus has 1950iu Vitamin E. Do I still need to supplement the Vitamin E?

I am hoping this will help both horses and prepare them for winter too.
Jackie Thurston
Suffolk, VA 2021

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