Yvette G

My mare, Molly, was diagnosed with Cushings 7/2020 and negative for EMS when she was having a laminitic episode.   I had her retested 2/2021 and she was negative for Cushings and positive for EMS.  I had some trimming issues, but that has been corrected as of April, 2021.  I found a trimmer who recommended this group.    Molly, is having another laminitic episode that began 8/27/21, the day after she was trimmed.  I did notice a couple of days before the trim that she seemed a bit off walking up hill so I don't believe it was due to the trim & Farrier said she did a very mild trim.   I have her in iCloud boots with a 12mm pad.   I was hand walking her a couple of times just for a few minutes, but t I just read an article that said confinement is best in the beginning.  She did not want to walk the other day.  She does have to move to get her hay and her water.  Not too far, but she has to move and she does.  Eating and drinking normally and no temperature.  Her feet are warm to the touch and I try to ice them a couple of times a day too.  I've been using Equine Light Therapy on her 2x a day for 15 minutes since 9/7/21.  The directions say 2x a day for the first 2 weeks and then 1x for up to a month if improvement.   My vet is coming out tomorrow to take xrays since it has been a year since her last xrays were taken.   Should I have her blood tested again for Cushings and EMS?  It seemed strange to me that she was positive for Cushings and negative for EMS this time last year and then in 2/2021 it was the reverse.   She does have Lyme as well.  

I have also been soaking her hay since this happened.  I just got a new batch of hay the day before the episode happened and the analysis just came back yesterday.  The combined ESC & starch is 3.9 so I'm wondering if I need to continue soaking it?  The aNDF is 54.8 and ADF is 35.4.  NFC is 15.9.  

Her current diet is 1/4 cup of Timothy pellets, 1 cup of ground flax, 1 cup of Omega E from Custom Equine Nutrition, salt & free choice salt and supplements 1x a day.  Her and her mini companion split one bale of hay a day in slow feed hay nets.  

Thank you for any suggestions! 
Yvette G in NY 2021

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