Re: HIgh Insulin - looking for recomendation


I reread the ECIR web page for seasonal rise.  Regarding the subtle signs, Dante does have an increase in appetite (not leaving as much hay), insulin resistance worsening (per test results), lethargic and possible some change in shedding. I suppose if I can't get blood drawn this week to confirm rise in ACTH, I could start pergolide now or right after blood is drawn based on symptoms I am seeing. (This is when it is handy to have a horse already on the medicine)  Since I would be chasing the rise, not sure of dose or if it would work. But I would start pergolide at approximately .5 mg and go from there to resist the veil. 

From Sherry response above and rereading the webpage, looks like the Stim test should not be done but the ACTH at this time of year.

Any comments or disagreements?

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