Re: Desmosphyrine?

Nancy C

Hi Rita

I will admit that his bandying about oxidative stress, a hydraulic system, and Desmosomal  bonds, has confounded me for the moment. The first thing that jumped out at me that I knew was an issue however, was matrix metalloproteinase

"First, all swelling involves oxidative stress. Secondly, it creates a hydraulic system. The oxidative stress activates the matrix metalloproteinase. This stress causes the breakdown of the Desmosomal bonds in the lamina if left untreated."

matrix metalloproteinase is a product of laminitis in cases other than metabolic (high insulin) laminitis.  MMP occurs in hind gut driven laminitis like feed room break-in, black walnut, systemic inflammation and lamintis via fructan bolus like that done in the early years by Pollitt.  The testimonial on their page is a case of feed room break in.

80-90 percent of laminitis cases are caused by metabolic issues, not hind-gut disruption.
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