Seasonal Rise and allergies

vicky monen


My IR/Cushings boy seems to be having severe itchiness during the seasonal rise.  He deals with sweet itch and possibly neck thread worms. (I do the ivermectim treament every to 3 to 4 weeks starting spring and into summer if needed). He did well during spring and most of the summer, but suddenly  now he is itching again terribly bad.  Is there any correlation with bug allergies during the seasonal rise?  We do have no see ums here in Ga and I know that they bother my guy pretty bad.  He is up to 1.5 mg of pracend 1 x day. 

How does the correct prascend dose affect allergies, or does it?

Can an IR horse have cough ease? 

How much benedryl or zyrtec can be given to a  1000lb IR horse (dosage and brand)? 

I am currently waiting on my lab results from last week to see where his insulin and acth levels are currently at.  I am planning to increase the prascend to the 2pills 1x a day. My understanding is that increasing the prascend during the rise may not be effective compared to before the rise.   FYI, my guys ACTH is always in the low to normal range, as he is early cushings.  Our insulin is usually the issue we are constantly battling.  

Trying to give this guy some comfort from the extreme  itching!  Starting desitin/vicks/zims mix topically.  Trying to figure out what anti-histamine or close to it, is safe for him for these allergies.   
Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

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