Re: Magni - Cloud boots and hoof alignment

Deb Walker

Kathy - I typically do not have this problem with the Clouds using either their insert or a Soft Ride insert. The Soft Ride boots however did twist continually, surface on one side) and cut it into halves. Wedge the sponge, soft side on the hoof, in either the sides of the boot, or at the toe if they are a bit too long. I placed the sponges where I wanted them before putting the boot on, but you can also try just pulling down the front of the boot and wedging it in to any space you see. The sponge wears down quickly, but it did help, and it was an inexpensive alternative.

Also, Soft Rides carry an insert that comes in narrow sizes, that feature an extra piece of material on each side, which also work best for Scotty.
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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