Re: seasonal rise complications part two- Laminitis?

Trisha DePietro

Thanks Kirsten. Since my post I have added her lateral xrays to her photo album...I see arthritis...low ringbone? No bloodwork results yet.  The end of the short pastern as it is seated into the coffin bone looks  a little strange to it technique or actual joint changes?  This is the first time I have xrayed her feet despite numerous "lameness" evals over the years...Lyme titers are always "negative". Just finished reading Dr. Kellons article on the use of low dose doxy on joint pain in horses...very was written awhile not sure if anything has changed on that front?  As I think about what would be the best pain relief in her scenario? Icing her pasterns for the arthritis and increasing the prascend....for now.
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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