Re: Ughh!!! Pilgrim confirmed to have PPID

Sherry Morse

Hi Suzanne,

When exactly was the bloodwork done? Were he mine given that we are already in the fall rise period I would titrate him up to 1mg and keep him on that for at least the rise and then recheck his level while on the medication in January.  To titrate up you would want to do 1/4 of a tab for 3 days, 1/2 tab for 3 days, 3/4 of a tab for 3 days and then 1 tab.  You can retest in 3 weeks after reaching the target dose to see if it's effective if you choose to not wait until January. 

To be sure he gets the actual dosage he should be given the pill either by syringe with water or in a high value treat.  It should NOT be dumped in with supplements or grain and just assumed that it's being eaten.

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