Saraphina blood work,help Dr. Kellon


Saraphina had blood work done September 2nd. vet gave her 10cc B-12 and put her on 7 tablets of Sucralfate twice a day.Both seemed to help for a bit ,she has been on Gastrogard since August 15th, haven’t seen much change.she is currently on 1/2 a tube of Gastrogard and I am now giving her 100X Equine Gut X. The company believes in their product for colonic ulcers.Shes eating close to 10 lbs dry hay per feeding( twice a day) My old vet just did a ACTH test it came back at 14. Saraphina will not eat any devils claw or supplements. I give her Metformin,vitamin e, Magnesium, trace minerals and flax oil all by oral syringe.old Vet has me giving her CBD( her own company makes it) and believes her Prascend at 2 mg a day is to high and causing her to be picky with food.I also give Saraphina APF. Is there any thing else I can try if it is colonic ulcers? For some reason the vet does not believe it’s ulcers, I’m guessing because she thinks the Gastrogard would have cleared up any chances of that?
Also old vet said dose of Sucralfate was to low to make a difference.
Good news! Philip is making progress with her feet! He seems happy with her progress. She is up most of the time and walking around( sore but better) I will work on photo’s of her feet! 
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