New member My Mare Chicy diagnosed with Founder 9/15/2021 at just less than 3 months in foal


Hello Everyone,

Glad to have found this group through my friend Kim. This is my first experience with founder.  Chicy was a 16 year old maiden mare who was bred on June 26 via AI and had a viable foal at 28 days.  All was going great then suddenly last week she began acting like she was painful all over and limping on her left front.  Several horses in the area are being diagnosed with abscesses and I thought perhaps that was the case. I only allow her on grass 2 hours a day so founder was not even on my mind.  My vet and other local vets in this area are short handed and I asked my vet about what I was seeing (they actually AI'd Chicy) and without seeing her they said it was probably hormones from being in foal and to give her a gram of bute and set up an appointment for the following week which was the earliest they could see her. . The bute seemed to help her out but I did not want to continue after giving 1 gram more than  one time as I did not want to cover up any symptoms at her appointment.  To be honest I thought she had an abscess and I was wrapping her foot with a poultice pad which has worked well for me in the past. When I went to the vet appointment Wednesday they could see she was in a lot of pain and could barely move (which I had explained when I requested the appointment).  Ex rays showed rotation of both front feet with left being the worse (but not through the sole).  She is standing square but having difficulty walking.  Vet suggested it was not a good idea to have a mare in foal with founder and sent me home as he had and emergency C section for another client.

I had a ton of questions and Kim who is in this group made a post on my behalf and Dr Kellon recommended an ultra sound to determine if still a viable foal.  We had the ultra sound today and the determination was made the foal is no longer viable. They could feel the foal but no heartbeat.  They went in 4 different times to be sure. She was given a shot of lutalyce to help abort the foal.  They are coming up with a plan for next week to support her needs regarding the loss of the foal and making sure she is clean and open (may involve more ultra sounds, more lutalyce, lavage and oxytosis). Next week blood will be pulled from Chicy here at the barn to sent via vet for a metabolic panel to Cornell to check for IR and Cushings. She has not been drinking water as usual and was getting dehydrated and the vet gave her 5 liters fluids IV today which seemed to help her out.  She is eating and pooping good.  Not peeing but maybe due to not drinking.  I noticed today she seemed to have drank several gallons this afternoon so hope that is behind us.

With Kim's yesterday assistance I now have switched her fescue hay and Triple Crown Lite to orchard grass soaked and Triple Crown Natural Timothy cubes along with some vitamins and minerals. We have also backed up her toes and put 3 layers of Styrofoam pads on the front feet.  She is confined to the barn with deep shavings. My farrier will be here in the next couple of days to back up her toes a little more and change out the bottom 2 pads.  I will take measurments at that time and order some therapy boots.

So that is it.  The last 2 days have been a crash course in how to take care of a foundered mare.  We are beyond sad to lose the baby and would like more answers on why the baby did not survive and if that could have caused the founder.  I am sure I will have a ton more of questions as time goes on.  At this moment we are in shell shock.  Just want my girl to recover and be pain free.  I can say since having the Styrofoam pads and toes backed up she seems more comfortable on her feet but her body is very sore all over and she seems a little stiff.  Once I get her moving she seems to improve a bit. She did stand in one place in her stall most of yesterday, last night and this morning before going to the vet.  This afternoon she is munching hay in a different area of the barn which tells me she her feet do not hurt as much.. 

I do not have email on my phone where my pictures are.  Is there a way i can post directly with out email?  And a way to post pictures without using email?  All the photos and files I find seem to be for possible admin documentation.  Would like to show ex rays of feet and a picture of my beautiful amazing girl.

Thank you for listening and hoping for some good information to help us move forward and put this behind us.  
Chester SC

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