Re: How to Store Pergolide Once Blister Foil is opened?

Maxine McArthur

Suzanne, I just put the remainder of the pill back in the foil and fold it over, then put it in a sealed container in the door of the refrigerator. As you are titrating up, it is only for a few days that you'll need to do this. It shouldn't affect the efficacy of the medication very much. I use a pill cutter if I need 1/4, or you can dissolve 1/2 in, say, 10cc of water, and give 5cc each day. Personally, I prefer to use the pill cutter, but you do need a good sharp one so that you don't waste any crumbs of the pill. If you use the dissolve method, you'd keep the remainder in the fridge until the next day.

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Canberra, Australia 2010
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