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Hi Deb,

Agree that his soles are thin, so I would recommend keeping him in boots until you can rebuild that depth as moving over anything abrasive will be wearing that already thin sole away.

LF shows some bony rotation, so the heels need to come down a bit while leaving the front half of the foot alone. That means lowering from about mid-foot back while leaving everything ahead of that alone. The result won't be a flat foot from front to back, which is fine. If you try to make it level, you'll be removing material from the area that is already too thin. Then shift the breakover back just a smidge more, as well as taking more of the remaining laminar wedge.

RF needs to have the breakover move back about 10-12 mm. Heels can be lowered a smidge as there is borderline bony column rotation.

The rotation could be why he has become more sore without boots. It would also correlate with the timing of early seasonal rise starting to kick in for the older horses. If possible, it would be a good idea to pull blood work on him now to see if his perg dose is adequate as from the last blood work, things weren't as well controlled as they should have been. I realize his perg dose was raised 1mg after those May 202 results, but that was likely just getting him back to where he should have been at that time and didn't address the 2020 seasonal rise, nor does it appear as if there has been any testing/increase in dose this year. If his ACTH and insulin are still/again not well controlled, he will continue to rotate/sink and he won't be able to increase that sole depth. He'll need more perg, and possibly Metformin to address insulin, to get there.

Sole depth doesn't necessarily increase evenly across the bottom of the foot. Many times, the foot will prioritize areas that are the "neediest" and add depth there, while the rest moves along more slowly. Removing depth from that spot is counter-productive. If Scotty seems to need relief in those raised areas, better to cut some relief into his pads than to remove the material from the sole itself.

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