Re: How to Store Pergolide Once Blister Foil is opened?


I have been concerned about both light and air getting to the tablets, as I try to figure how how to get my barn manager to continue to hand-feed the meds to my horse without him spewing the tablets onto the floor of his stall, which is what happens when she does it with a bit of grain. She doesn’t pay close attention, and he drops at least one pill every other time, which I later find on the floor if I am the one doing his stall. When I mention it, she gets irked at me. He gets 2 Prascend and 1 Equioxx every morning.  

She says that I have to come up with an easy solution for her that doesn’t involve getting the pills out of the foil or the Equioxx bottle herself & that she can easily turn into a tasty treat for him. I found small black Mylar ziplock bags on Amazon that are lightproof and airtight, so I am going to try those for the pills, with a pill pocket treat or a Fig Newton that she can stick them into and give to him. The bags come in different sizes and are reusable, so if I can load the treats myself ahead of time without having the taste of the pills soak into the treat, I will put the treats fully loaded into the bags ahead of time. 

We’ll see how it goes! 

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