Re: Saraphina blood work,help Dr. Kellon


Hi Cyndi,

It appears that Saraphina is improving although it might not seem that way with each tube of GastroGard you purchase.  I know we told you earlier about UlcerGard and Abler products which would save you some money.

It would be really helpful if you renamed the documents in your folder of Saraphina’s vet records.  The most recently posted are the ones I expect you would like to have reviewed - the ACTH, which looks super, although it would be nice to know who did the testing, the CBC, which I can’t help with and the equine diagnostic report which is likewise.  If you could rename them to better describe what they are and the date, that would be fantastic.  You can do that by clicking on the box with a pen in it next to the file name in the folder I linked to.  There are some values which are not in the normal range, although not markedly so, and hopefully Dr. Kellon can take a look at them.
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