Vinnie and Invokana update 9/2021

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hey all, just wanted to send a quick update.  We have been working very hard getting Vinnie metabolically controlled. He finally came back positive for PPID and seasonal rise made us have to react quickly.

Super positive lab results this week!!! 
Acth 20.0
Insulin 29.68
Glucose 97
TG 188 

He is getting 1.8mg CP, 175mg invokana daily.

We are making some dietary adjustments workijg with Dr Kellon to get him to eat more of his beet pulp to get those trygliceridesa little closer to normal.

He is doing fantastic!! We are walking about 20 mins per day, split in 2 sessions and he is offering trot and lots of silliness!  Check out this boy!!!

Loads of special thanks to Dr Kellon.  Vinnie would not be here without your guidance!!

Ps I need to update by CH but there is a comprehensive spreadsheet of the diet plus labs in my CH folder if you want to see that comparison.  

Fondly, Nan
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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