Re: Saraphina blood work,help Dr. Kellon


Dr. Kellon,
she has been off thyro-L since July 10th.She was on Nsaids and Gastrogard for three weeks before I weaned her off them and is currently on Ulcergard with no Nsaids since August 15.
I did not see her stop eating when I raised her dose off Prascend.she was picky and stopped eating soaked hay and supplements before I even started the Prascend and I do give her APF I have been giving her Metformin with milk of magnesia and she does start eating a half an hour after her dose so I don’t think that is it.Should I be treating her for Colonic Ulcers? My vet ( old vet)wants to scope her to see if that is what is causing her poor appetite.The new vet I had called for the blood test has me giving her Sucralfate 7 tabs twice a day.
Cyndi Carlson in Colorado 2021

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