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Jennifer Murphy

Flea has been doing really well lately, and I was very lucky to get some hay that tested (603 test) at 3.8 ESC+starch, low iron, and reasonable protein.  I did have a hard time getting my vet to submit a prescription this last time around (not that she was reluctant, just that she never seemed to have time), and was forced to reduce Flea's dose until my Rx finally gets here.  I nearly ran out, but she did call in a 10 pill Rx to a local pharmacy to get me through.  I've been giving Flea about 50mg/day now since Sept. 11 and so far he seems to be doing ok.  The vet, farrier, and I are coordinating for another round of radiographs and bloodwork at the end of October.   

Dr. Kellon, am I risking anything keeping Flea on the 50mg dosage for the short-term, and possibly long-term?  I'm not sure when my 90 day Rx will finally get here, but I was thinking that if Flea continues to do well on the lower dose, I'd like to continue that at least until the October bloodwork to see if it's keeping his numbers down.  If insulin and triglycerides are within normal range, would it hurt to continue with the lower dose?  Also, should I retest his ACTH at the same time?  It was 26.7 the last draw, July 9th.  I have my own spreadsheet with all his results since 2016, and that's the lowest his ACTH has ever been.

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