Re: New member My Mare Chicy diagnosed with Founder 9/15/2021 at just less than 3 months in foal


Hi Dr Kellon -
There has been no drainage or discharge I have seen. I know that vet snd spoke to her on the phone. They are in GA and 2.5 hours away from me. I doubt I can get Chicy on the trailer and if I could that trip would be really hard on her. She told me a foundered mare is not in her line of work. If one of the mares she bred foundered the mare would go to her regular vet and she would be a consulting vet. 

In my case my regular vet bred Chicy. They just do not seem to have experience in this situation. I am hoping they will come here to do the ultra sound and lavage Tuesday. The only other option is for me to load her up with pain killers to get her to them which I do not want to do. I will ask them tomorrow if they can do the ultrasound and lavage tomorrow in case she has a retained placenta.  With them saying they could feel the foal but not get it on ultrasound if begs so many needed answers.

I could not find anything in the pasture this morning. But no horse has been in a week. Even the poop I found was all dried up. No sign of birds. If anything was there it is gone now. 

 temp this am was 99.9.  Farrier coming this
afternoon to take toes back more and will measures her for soft rides or clouds. 

Really hoping to get more answers Monday or Tuesday. I do not like waiting around. Thank you for your support. Chicy still very stiff and not moving. Did not leave her stall even for water so she now has a water bucket in 3 areas and hay in 2 areas. She is eating good snd drank a couple of gallons of water today.  She asked to go into the dry lot but because there is a very little grass in it I did not let her. Maybe after farrier leaves I can see if she wants out of barn and hand walk her. She lives in a large dry lot with access to barn at all times so staying inside is not her idea of fun.  I have the stall door open with a guard and she stuck her head out and seemed to enjoy the fresh air. 
Chester SC

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