Re: Saraphina blood work,help Dr. Kellon


Dr. Kellon,
she has only ate her hay dry for the last two months.She ate some soaked last night and today.I am giving her a syringe of baby food carrot and water after her metformin with milk of magnesia.She likes that plus I thought it would flush the metformin out.She starts eating after I have her wait a half hour, so do you think that would still be the problem?I don’t see the vet coming for awhile since she was just here.I need to post her notes, she believes it is the Prascend is to high. I haven’t seen a problem with the Prascend.I will try another dose of milk of magnesia. I have been giving her Uckele Gut orally ( mix it with water)I have offered beet plup with several favors and bran, Stabul 1, TC hay cubes,she will not eat any of these. The only thing she will eat is nutrena boost which I don’t want to give her. I will get help to take a good look in her mouth.

Cyndi Carlson in Colorado 2021

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