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I have recently contacted Carol Layton at the request of my farrier, for dietary help for my laminitic pany,  and Carol suggested that I join your group for help with the many other issues that Dixie arrived with. I have joined the group but have no idea how to post this information within the group, so if that is preferred could you send a link to show me how to do that please.  I have engaged Carol to devise a dietary plan for Dixie, but would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide to set Dixie and myself on the right path to a happy and pain free future. 

I adopted Dixie just over a year ago, she is now 22yo.  She is said to be a welsh mountain pony weighing 300kg. Her backstory is one of neglect by her original owners.  I have been told that she had been having laminitic episodes most of her life, often being left down in the paddock for days on end, unable to rise, until eventually the RSPCA seized her and I adopted her after a year in foster care.  It is unclear what treatment she received prior to her adoption, but she has been footsore since coming to me.  

The first farrier I used trimmed her fortnightly for six months, with no improvement in her comfort.  I was feeding her Hygain Zero with soaked wheaten chaff, and as he suggested, ad lib Teff hay.  She was primarily stabled on soft bedding and wore RX therapy boots at all times when she was out of her stable in the small bare yard attached.  After the six months this farrier suggested euthanasia as her comfort levels had not improved.

I then contacted an Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre who saw Dixie fortnightly for 2 months, put her in Ultimate slippers with some sort of putty in them for the first 2 weeks, then removed them, she was footsore again, so put them back on, then removed them again,  and after the 2 months advised that there was nothing more they could do for her.

I now have Dixie under the care of another barefoot farrier, and she is still very, very sore.   Current farrier took over on 11th May.  Dixie has been on and off Bute over this time, which was recommended by my vet so long as she was given Omaguard at the same time.   My current farrier asked me to transition Dixie from Hygain Zero to Furneys Perfect Mash, with soaked lucerne chaff and Teff hay ad lib, plus MSM with hyo,clivers, devils claw, white willow, chamomile, Equishure and Belindas Amazing Minerals.  Dixie still wears RX therapy boots, with 20mm thick rehab pads.  I take them off for 2/3 hours per day while she is in her stable, A few months ago I stopped Bute and have been using Bute All which is a herbal mix paste containing guaicum, turmeric, celery, skullcap, passion flower, jamaican dogwood and magnolia bark.

When being treated at the Lameness Centre,  ACTH was 225 pg/mL and Serum Insulin was 84 mU/L. These tests were done 17/3/21.  My vet has today taken blood for a current ACTH reading, which should be available in about 2 weeks.  Original dose of Prascend decided by the Lameness Centre was 1 x 1mg tablet daily.   When this was having no effect, they increased it to 1.5 x 1mg tabs daily, and Dixie was on that dose until recently, as my local vet considered the dose excessive for a 300kg pony.

Since having the ad lib Teff hay in her stable, Dixie began to eat more and more of it, to the point where she was leaving her feed to eat the Teff, so I am now weighing out her daily allowance and she now eats all her feed and additives, plus the appropriate amount of hay.  Since speaking to Carol Layton last week, and as the teff is the only thing that has remained constant throughout this ordeal, I have now started to soak the Teff for an hour, and dry it out before feeding, until we can have it tested to make sure it is as it should be.  I am also 5 days into transitioning Dixie over to your emergency diet.

Also at the request of my current farrier, I sent off a manure sample to Equibiome in the UK in July, and the results came back recently and are horrendous, however as my farrier is more confident in their expertise than I am, I have not acted on the results other than to purchase all of the suggested potions.  As I have been giving Dixie Equishure for months now which I understood was for hind gut health, with no obvious difference, I do not want to subject Dixie to anything further until I am sure.

Dixie has rotation in all four hooves, and xrays are attached that were taken by the Lameness Centre.  These were taken after they had trimmed her a couple of times.
Please let me know if there is anything further I can provide you with.  There is nothing I will not do to try to help this pony, even though,  so far, my efforts have been in vain.  

Kind regards
Terrie Heining
Stroud. NSW. Australia

TerrieH in Australia 2021

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