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Samson's pre-cushings/Insulin, recent lab results are in for ACTH/Insulin.  His insulin is up at 69.50 ulU/ml, and ACTA 10.3 pg/mL.  I am still struggling to get his insulin down.  He is being exercised more since his lameness has improved after the May 2021 coffin joint injection and shoe changes.  He is still on a strict diet with measured weighed out hay in ultra slow hay net. In dry lot no access to grass.  Minimal 1cp Stabul 1 with timothy pellets as carrier for sups/vits/mins.  He will be at 2mg prascend 1x day starting this wed. He is currently at 1.75 mg per day now.   Apf for veil at 6ML 1 x a day for Veil with the increase in prascend, as he is super sensitive to any changes. 

He currently is severely itchy on face, neck, mane, tail and rump (yearly issue).  He has mildly loose stool with some water after which is new, as we had this under control for a long time prior. He was just wormed 8-26-21 with ivermectim, as he is normally under the neck threadworm protocol starting spring.  

He was treated for ulcers from Feb to May and is now on maintenance dose of omeprozole/Abler. 
He definitely can  use more exercise, as I have only been able to work him 3 days per week.  With him in the dry lot he does not get much movement, as he will just hang out at the hay net or sleep. 

If anyone has any additional suggestions to get his insulin down please let me know. 

His history has been updated. 

Thank you so much, as your input and suggestions really make the difference in this continued walk with IR.  

Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

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