Re: DIXIE rescue pony

Sherry Morse

Hi Terrie,

As Dixie is both IR and PPID she needs tight diet control, a proper trim and Prascend to get her feeling better.  Bute will not help with metabolic laminitis and there are studies showing giving bute and Omaguard at the same time can be detrimental to the horse (

Diet - she should be eating no more than 6kg total (2% of her body weight) if 300kg is her ideal weight.  That includes hay and concentrates.  We do not advocate free feeding hay on this group as many IR horses do not have an 'off' button to stop eating and will eat as much as they possibly can.  While the Perfect Mash is one of the better feeds I've seen in terms of the ESC+starch numbers and fat amounts the fact that it has added iron in it would make it a no go for me.  If you need a carrier for supplements we recommend plain beet pulp.  Also no lucerne as it can make many IR/PPID horses foot sore even though it's low ESC+starch.

MSM is also a problem for IR/PPID horses as it may inhibit mineral uptake. Tumeric is also not recommended for IR horses.

As far as the Prascend - it's a medication that is dosed to effect, not by weight.  When did you reduce her dose back to 1mg?  It takes 3 weeks for changes in dosage to show up in bloodwork so if you just recently did this and did bloodwork less than 3 weeks afterwards you will have no clear idea which dose is effective for her.  If her ACTH is still elevated though she will need a dosage increase. 

Pictures and x-rays can go in a photo album on the Case History group (which you should have an email on already).

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