Re: new trim pictures

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Nikkibob,

It looks like Darby was trimmed after the rads were done?  I think overall you have done a good job and Darby and his hooves look good, but the RF toe looks a bit long still.  I see you already backed it up quite a bit but the lateral view to me looks just a bit too long.

Now for some unsolicited advise.  It looks to me like he's growing out some damaged hoof as it is quite pink and also there is a lamellar wedge indicating stretched lamellae.  Your Case History also notes he is currently laminitic?  His 2021 insulins have been on the high side.  In my limited experience, an insulin of 40 uIU/ml can easily lead to a laminitic flareup, which it seems happens regularly (annually) for Darby.  If you're not already soaking his hay, that would help him a lot.  Is there a reason it's not tested and mineral-balanced?  I can't emphasize enough how important that is for making sure the hay is not the trigger, and that he has the minerals he needs in the correct proportions to grow healthy lamellar connections.  Also, with insulin that high, pasture should be stopped, even in winter unless you know for a fact he is not digging in the snow and eating frozen grass.

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