Allergies, Laminitis & Cushings


Hi I'm new to this group & have so many concerns with Buster my 22 yr old National Show Horse. In May he broke out in hives & had bites all over. Vet gave Dex. In June he was off Dex & was on Hydroxyzine.  Ended up doing allergy testing.. 33 allergens. Vet was pushing to do allergy shots but other Vet for Lameness said to wait because his immune system was so outta whack. He was shod on July 2nd & 3 day later was lame. Could barely walk. Had a Lameness Vet come do xtays dx with Laminitis.  He blew 2 abcesses on same front hoof at the bulbs. He then was given ACE , Bute, Ulcergard & had been on Previcox prior. 1 month ago did blood to test for Cushings. Came back positive for PPID. His ACTH was 208. Insulin & Gloucose was good. He eats Orchard & Teff grass hay. Stopped all grain, carrots etc. Now he's on Prascend. Started 1/4 tablet for 2 weeks then 1/2 tablet was supposed to be for 30 days. 2 days ago I increased it to 1 tablet. He's been very stiff again. I even did 3 PEMF treatments that did help him. Today he looks sore again on front hooves. Fat pockets are on the rise & his coat is like a Wooley mammoth.  I'm passing on the allergy shots & have ordered AZ Copper Complere  & Jiaogulan. Next I think Mov Eas & Spirulina.  A friend has been trying to help me get him on the right track.  She is who referred me to this group. Not sure how to do a case history. I have copies of his xrays & blood. Thank you
*Stacy Gaiman*
Stacy Gaiman
Agua Dulce, CA

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