Re: Allergies, Laminitis & Cushings

Sherry Morse

Hi Stacy,

You'll be getting a full welcome soon but do you have the actual test results to share with us as far as insulin and glucose numbers.  Since you mention fat pads it's likely your boy is IR as well as PPID but we'd need the actual numbers as well as knowing when the testing was done to help you sort that out.  By that I mean not only the date, but time of day and if it was done fasting or not.  208 at the end of August means you're 'chasing the rise' and 1mg may not be enough to help get him under control at this point.  Once he's been on the 1mg dose for 3 weeks you can test again and see if that's enough to control his ACTH.

Is he on any medication at this time other than the Prascend?  Have you had your hay tested?  How is his trim?  Unless it's as tight as it can be I would hold off on the Jiaogulan as it will increase the rate of his hoof growth which will not be helpful until the trim is optimal.

You will have already received an email with information on doing your case history by now.  Once you've read it and the welcome letter just let us know if you are still stuck on getting photos and x-rays posted.

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