Re: How to Store Pergolide Once Blister Foil is opened?

Sherry Morse

Hi Victoria,

I can't believe that your stable staff won't do something that takes me about 2 minutes to do (including feeding it to the horse) when I horse sit for people who have horses on Prascend.  Be that as it may, to stick Prascend in an apple you cut the apple into 8ths and then stick the Prascend tab into an apple piece.  It's very easy to stick them in.  I usually feed at least 2 or 3 pieces at a time to help mask the taste.

For a carrot you need one with a good thick end and I usually make sure the piece is about an inch long as you need to cut a hole into it with a knife, put the Prascend in the hole and then put whatever got carved out back in on top of the Prascend.

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