TRH Stim Test during Seasonal Rise - Interpretation


 (this all happened in September).   Need expert 2nd opinion:  Is this horse definitely PPID or is it possible the seasonal rise is causing these numbers to be extremely elevated or something?   How do we interpret these results?        

Long Story / Short Version: 
Our 2nd Horse - 14 year old quarter horse mare, (not the horse currently outlined in the Case History on ECIR)  got tender after a trim.  Took her in to Vet, Xrays were taken and compared to baseline xrays taken couple years ago- no alarms there per our vet.   Decided to do Bloodwork for Insulin /ACTH as she is slightly overweight and never been tested   She has no other Symptoms of PPID as far as we can tell at this point
Non-Fasting Initial Results from  Cornell:   Insulin 22    ACTH 39

Then Decided to do TRH Stim Test as ACTH deemed to be high/borderline..

TRH Stim test Results from Cornell:
TRH Response ACTH:
Pre 32.9 pg/ml
Post 196 pg/ml
Time 10 min

Post 223 pg/ml
Time 30 Min

Joe S. in TX 2020

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