Lavinia would you be able to confirm we are on the right path with hooves


Hi Lavinia,
 My next farrier appointment is on the 20th October & would appreciate your thoughts if I'm going the right way with the farrier trim.  I 'think' we're on the right track & Lillie is comfortable following her last trim- so fingers crossed I am right.
In addition unfortunately last week I let her out to walk in the field with her muzzle & she ran around - I couldn't stop her . She seemed ok after that but a little uncomfortable for a day or so. Unsure if this episode will have a detrimental effect with sinking on the Right Front Foot- this was the one that became a little more sensitive.
Otherwise feet have been good & no pulse etc.

Something strange happened after she had run around & refused to be led back in- she suddenly went down onto her tummy all four legs together virtually- at first it seemed like a comical act of defiance. She tried to rub her muzzle off. It was a very hot afternoon & my guess was the run, exercise, heat & muzzle caused her to become overheated. We got her in & I sponged her with cool water. She seemed fine following this & walked normally on her feet. This could be an indication of ACTH levels too high & not controlling heat. But generally she seems to have shown no negative symptoms.

I've introduced going to her field for 20- 30 mins with her muzzle on each day. She really looks forward to it & takes herself around nosing into things at her own pace & choice. Following that walk  she gets a mild pulse in RF above pastern. The vet when I"ve pointed this out in the distant past tells me this is a normal pumping of blood & not anything to note. Its actually on the pastern usually to feel pulse as far as I am aware. but I have noted the difference in the area above the pastern & so I use this as a gauge  as to how things differ in her feet. Anyhow it goes back to normal after so I have presumed its just because of more movement- but I feel the need to check incase I over look an issue.
Thanks Carrie
March 2021

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