Story won't eat supplements

Shera Felde

Hi all,
My EMS mare is doing well as far as recovery from long laminitis bout (exercising and pain free). She still gets FWS on and off so I syringe Gut a few times a week. My dilemma is that she gets 2 cups of carrier with vit/min supp, Thyrol L, flax, Glycocemic EQ, & salt. She had more supp's in the mix but I have tried every combination of eliminating to see if she will eat any. I know Thyro L should not bounce in dosage but Story is not interested in any combination, even stripped down, and I'm concerned. Some days she'll eat half of the minimum mixture, but I can't count on it. She doesn't care for artificial sweeteners; my vet suggested some alfalfa pellets, but she doesn't really care about those either. She just wants her hay. I throw it all away most days since the other two horses shouldn't get the Thyro L.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Here are hay test results for newest load:

thank you!
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

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