Re: Dancer's Diet and Vet Response

Sherry Morse

Hi Patti,

This information would be more helpful if we knew what Dancer's current weight vs. her ideal weight is.  Is the hay actually being measured or is that an estimate? Are you giving totals per meal or per day for that and the grain amounts?

Outlast is in an alfalfa base so not something we recommend for an IR horse.  Is there a reason you're feeding so much salt and flax?  The Equine Generator contains molasses and is not something I'd risk feeding an IR horse.  Please note that the dose of MagRestore you're using is the loading dose and only meant for the first 10 days.  As far as the SV EQ Foot and Body Sore - we do not recommend tumeric as it can raise insulin in some horses. 

If you're giving a NSAID (the Equioxx) you should not be giving ulcer meds at the same time as these can have detrimental effects - see  Also if the laminitis is metabolic in nature the NSAIDs will not help so unless you're using it for another issue you should stop it. 

How long has she been on the Thryo-L?  If your vet prescribed this to help with elevated insulin please note that it will not help with that although it can help jump start weight loss.


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