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He Dr. Kellon:
Thank you for your concerns about my horse.
My vet believes my horse has some mild right dorsal colitis which is causing his soft stools and noisy gut sounds.  She suggested I try to following:
Panacur Power Pak
Serum Allergy Testing via Spectrum allergy lab
Remove hay and put on pelleted or cubed hay until his stools improve, then keep him on that diet for a few weeks and introduce hay slowly.  If the pellets work and he's sensitive to the hay, then get a Hay steamer. 

The soft stools started in mid-June after no changes in his diet.  He gets the Panacur Power Pak every Spring (per UCDavis) so I didn't repeat that.
I gave him Psyllium for six weeks. No change.
I have not changed him from hay to pellets yet as that changes my horse keeping significantly and I'm trying to figure out just how to do that and keep my horse happy.  My horse is currently fed four lbs. grass hay every 6 hours and 1/2 lb soaked alfalfa cubes twice a day to get his minerals, Vit E, ground flax, salt, and Prascend into him. He is eating well, good energy, and good weight.
I am researching the hay steamer.  
Another vet I consulted is concerned the Prascend could be causing this.  She suggested trying the Absorb All which gave my horse diarrhea. My horse did colic two years ago (pre PPID diagnosis) and went to UCDavis where they did a full abdominal ultrasound. They did find one small area of thickened wall in his intestine but believed that was due to a mild impaction or possible displaced bowel.  They expected that to resolve on it's own.  He has not had any colic episodes since. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated.
October 2020, Mendocino County, CA

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